Automation & Electronics USA international system integrators, supplying millwide software, optimization and control solutions
Automation & Electronics USA international system intergrators, supplying millwide software, optimization and control solutions International System Integrators


The TallyView™ series of controls have been designed to provide instant information about the production performance of the process by monitoring the product at the mills outfeed.

The system provides a user friendly interface with configurable data entry and reporting options. Data is collected and stored in order that historical information about your production can be reviewed.

The system accurately measures length, thickness, and width and allows for grade input from a manual entry station or GMR (Grade Mark Reader).

This information is archived in a Windows compatible computer in an SQL database which can communicate with your mills inventory system. To date we have interfaced from companies IT networks to systems such as SAP, TimberSmart and Elimbs to name a few.

The system can be expanded to provide packet tally information at your sorting table and also generate packet labels with barcode and product information.When linked with our Primary breakdown scanning systems we are also able to calculate other mill information such as

conversion factors.



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Automation & Electronics have, where applicable, commissioned and retrofitted new controls to new or secondhand Stacking machines.

Our systems are PLC controlled providing fully synchronized servo electric motion control for smooth transition of boards and layers. Some systems are interfaced to our Stacker Tally Software which provides interface for machine and product dimension setup.

We have commissioned systems with dimensional and random width lumber and generated packet reports and packet labels on a designated label printer.




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• Bin Faults –overfilling of a bin can be detected (bin has reached the bottom limit switch but lumber is still blocking the photocell at the top).


• Length Photocell faults – when a board passes through the length sense zone, obviously the length Photocell should be covered in progressive sequence.

Failure to maintain this sequence would indicate a broken wand on one of the limit switches. Also, every lug, Photocell should return to their “off” state at least once, failure to do so would indicate that a Photocell has “hung up” or a photocell is permanently blocked by something.



• T Askewed board detection – either at the length sense zone or at a separately defined location. The presence of an askewed board normally requires the sorter to be stopped.


• Disable Jbar Feature – It is desirable to have the facility to disable a Jbar if it gets broken. This is done by pressing a button at the far end of the sorter which prevents that Jbar from being loaded until it becomes fixed.


• Long range photocells – Photocells looking the full length of the sorter will be blocked by lumber that gets tangled up in any bin. Extensive Alarms include 3, 2, 1, 0 empty bins left in the sorter and Motor faults.


System timing is dynamically adjusted according to sorter speed to compensate for mechanical response (lag time) of divertors and other equipment.

There are diagnostics available for the troubleshooting and monitoring of the system. A Capture button is provided for taking snapshot samples of Board data for analysis. Extensive reports are available from the system. Each Boards data is stored in a SQL database as it is processed.







Bin Sorter control and management system is virtually unlimited in the number of Sort Patterns that can be stored onto BinViews designated Windows PC. These Sort Patterns can be downloaded to the PLC control system as the mills products cutting patterns change.

Bin assignments are self seeking, so when a bin becomes full, a new one is automatically assigned. The Sort Pattern for each product can be set up to go into a particular zone of the sorter. Sort Patterns can be defined in formats that allows any combination of widths, thickness, lengths grade or moisture and density types which may be combined with a realistic Sort Pattern and

descriptive name.

The Sort Pattern setup is done from the Scada based BinView™ software package which is very user friendly to set up for the operator.


We have commissioned and retrofitted new and used Sorters (both lug chain and Jbar style sorters including Tray Sorters & Stackers) in both Softwood and Hardwood sawmills.

Options are available to interface a Grade Mark Reader or Optimized Trimmer as well as remote production displays, integration with your IT Network and remote wireless monitoring via an Ipad or similar device. BinWalker stations may be hard wired electrically or interfaced via remote Ethernet I/O.




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