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Automation & Electronics has had a long standing partnership with  KDS/Windsor who are based in North Carolina USA along with associated company New Zealand based leading Dry Kiln manufacturer Windsor Engineering Group.

Windsor provides a range of both medium and high temperature kilns that are customized to client needs. Specializing in Softwood drying technology Windsor provide both batch Kilns and more recently CDK (Continuous Drying Kilns) which have been successfully installed in both the United States and New Zealand in high production plants which are drying Radiata Pine, Southern Yellow Pine and various other Softwood species. CDK technology has proven to deliver high volumes of lumber, whilst at the same time improving lumber quality and providing increased energy efficiency along with being more environmentally friendly.

Automation & Electronics have been closely involved with Windsor in the development of Dryspec & Dryspec CDK advanced kiln drying which provides leading edge technology for monitoring and controlling drying schedules combined with extensive diagnostic information and reports along with A&E integrated PLC & Motor controls.

System features include; Start, pause, restart and stop facility. Sophisticated multi-step schedule designer including ramps

• High frequency user-configurable charge plots

• Adjustable fan reversal timer and speed • Vent and control valve position display with manual override • Manual restart on power failure

• Endpoint on time • TDAL

• MC or drying progress • Archiving of charts.

Powerful reporter for production and process analysis, including downtime logging (configurable) and charge events recording

 • Networking of control and report databases

• EMC calculator • Configurable alarms

• Remote broadband access and support.


Kiln Scheduler: used to plan operations to suit future changes.

Condition/Smart ramp: raises the kiln temperature to match the capability of the heat plant.

Maintenance prompts: designed to client’s specifications.

Zone control: individual MC values from each zone can be used by Dryspec to control the drying rate in each zone resulting in an evenly dried charge.

DryTrack endpoint determination: Moisture content based endpoint determination.

Energy Management and recording: These add-ons interface the kiln drying and heat plant systems.

Energy Limit base: optimizes the use of the energy source.

Dynamic Priority: prioritizes kiln chambers depending on the stage of drying.

Flow/Pressure based: Flow/Pressure meters are used to monitor kiln usage.

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